How many black skirt tetras to a 29 gal tank?

  1. Shadowfox118 Member Member

    So my cycled 29 gallon tank already has 6 small black skirts in it, how many more can I put in there with them or should I add a different fish. My common pleco is currently in with them and is being moved to the 75 gal at my aunts house with the Oscar on monday, this is just a holding tank until I can afford the $900 on my custom 3'×3'×6' tank which I plan to custom build a stand for it as well. With the black skirts I don't want a species only tank, I was wondering what other fish I may be able to add with them and how many I can add to them because they seem lonely in a group of just 6. I'm not interested in the glow fish or white skirt tetras, and I work at Walmart with a petCo pretty much right next door to my work. I've gotten pretty lucky with the fish that I've bought from Walmart. The Oscar is Doing very well in his 75 and my betta (in my 8 gal hex tank on his own) seems very happy. We get our fish in on Wednesdays. Plus I get to watch them forever so I can easily weed out which ones are sick.

    That was quite a tangent but back to the question, max amount of tetras in a 29 with another species or 2 and the amount of them to add. I so wish I had chosen a sand substrate for this tank, I would have added corys. Sadly I chose gravel so they are out of the question. We also stopped selling shrimp and angelfish. But I may be able to buy some angels from petCo, I wouldn't put them in with the tetras though as I know they do get nippy. I would love to do an Angelfish tank but thats in the future. Plus my tank stays between 76 and 80 because I live in my basement but the fish don't seem any worse for wear.

    I forgot to add it's an aqeon 29gal breeder
  2. Shadowfox118 Member Member

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  3. superbutterfly12 Well Known Member Member

    Hi! I would add at least 3 to 6 more tetras they like bigger groups. As a centerpiece fish perhaps a gourami?

    Are you wanting a bottom dweller that's good with gravel? Can't say I know of any specifically. Or do you want another schooling fish that might get on with them? Most livebearers are fine at those temps though the tetras will likely eat the fry for you.
  4. Shadowfox118 Member Member

    Would I be able to add honey gouramis? I don't want live bearers cause ammonia spikes aren't fun when baby fish get involved plus I'd be too likely to keep them and they wouldn't do well going into my betta tank
  5. superbutterfly12 Well Known Member Member

    Honeys are fine at those temps, I think I've finally found a store in my area that has them I'm planning on two as a centerpiece fish for my 36 gallon.