How Many Barbs?

  1. Mifuluhu Well Known Member Member

    My 37 gallon planted tank has 5 tigers, 3 green tigers and 2 remaining rosy barbs (used to be a school). I cannot find rosys for sale anywhere and have given up trying to rebuild that school.

    I love my tigers and can up them to stock the tank with a mix of albinos, greens and tigers. How many total would be recommended?

    I also have 8 panda corys at the bottom.
  2. clk89 Fishlore VIP Member

    With tiger barbs you usually want to do around 8 to 10 in a group due to their aggressiveness in smaller groups. I'm not sure on green tigers. Could you not rehome the rosy barbs?

  3. Kenny777 Well Known Member Member

    Any tiger barb will school IMO

    I usually suggest doing 12+ so you dont have any aggression at all.
  4. Mifuluhu Well Known Member Member

    They are pretty old and seem to being dying off so no need to rehome. They have no one to be aggressive toward either.

  5. Mifuluhu Well Known Member Member

    So 12+ wouldn't be overstocked in a 37 gallon?