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    lbandn Initiate Member

    I came home last night to show my daughter the new fish we bought the night before and we found 11 baby molly's. I was wondering how long it would be till i could put them in the tank with the adult fish without them not getting eaten?
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    Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    I'm not familiar with breeding mollies, but I would think you can put them back in the tank when they no longer fit in their parent's mouths. ;D

    P.S. Welcome to Fishlore! ;)
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    Jason Well Known Member Member

    If You only have mollies mostly in your tank it'll probably be around 3 months before they can go back in depending on the size of their mouths like Buttterfly said. My baby swords would be able to go back now but with the angelfish and synodontis there I dont like their chances but when they move to the bigger tank the babies will be released