How long will a 12oz tank of co2

Discussion in 'Aquarium Plants' started by anunez91, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. anunez91

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    last on a tank? If it were set to the "recommended" bubble count? just curious cause i found my old paintball gun and it has a 12oz co2 canister and i was thinking about getting one of those simlpe regulators without the solenoid valves, would it be worth it over the diy co2 im currently using?
  2. Nutter

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    Depends what size tank & exactly what the bubble rate is. I wouldn't bother with a paintball canister on anything bigger than 10gal. If you do try it make sure you get the needle valve & regulator so that you have precise control over the amount of co2 you are releasing & avoid co2 dump when getting near the end of the co2 bottle.
  3. ilikefish

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    I did my homework man and sadly when you add it all up... Its just a tad cheaper for a system that will last 1/2 as long as a real system... you could just bridge the gap and get a cheap CO2 system if you plan on doing that.
  4. OP

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    ahhh, i see, i was just curious cause it was lying around, thanks for the replies though!!!! ive seen someone sell of their co2 systems for darn cheap off craigslist before, if i ever feel the need for a full blown system, ill just wait till i find a steal, haha, thanks again folks!!!

    oh, and it was for my planted 29 gallon, i remember reading somewhere that the recommended bubble count was like three a second or something, is this correct?
  5. Nutter

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    2-3 bubbles per second is normal but what rate you need to use really depends on several other factors as well. Mainly how effective a diffuser you are using as well as how much surface disturbance there is.