How Long Till Fish

  1. Marco Rodriguez Member Member

    Hi. I had a cycled tank. Today I flushed it 100% water change cuz something was wrong and I couldn't fix the green (I posted ab it before) yes all fish were gone and into a much bigger nicer tank. Looking to get new fish and want to know how long I have to wait? Should I let it cycle again? I added prime, the gravel, filter, and decorations are the same. Only new water. These are the ammonia and nitrate levels rn after the change fb5fbdaa7ed85faf29d5f9e1ff8dd132.jpg
  2. Kellye8498 Well Known Member Member

    Maybe you have ammonia in your water and the tank didn't have time to take care of it?

  3. Marco Rodriguez Member Member

    Sorry maybe I didn't word it well... I put in new water. I don't know what the last issue was but this seeems to have fixed it. I'm just curious if I have to cycle again because I changed 100% of the water or not? The picture is what my ammonia and nitrate are right now after I've just swapped all the water. Both seem slightly high but I have live plants. Do you think with that level of Ammonia + nitrate I can add fish
  4. ramsbee Member Member

    It looks like your ammonia is at .5? I would wait until that comes down to 0. If you do have an ammonia problem it is only going to get worse when yoh add fish and up the bioload. It's better to be safe than sorry

    Test your tap water for ammonia still. I had the same issue at one point even after having no issues for over a year. Couldn't get rid of ammonia. Found out they had tweaked the water and it had a higher ammonia content. I now let my water set for 24 hrs and treat with prime. I also over filter everything now. Since I ha e started doing that my tanks will get rid of any ammonia from a water change in no time.

  5. Marco Rodriguez Member Member

    Hi, ya I believe I have a lot in my tap. I will check later. I over filter and use prime tho. I'll wait for 0 just wanted to make sure and get someone else's opinion (I'm color blind can't see the difference) That water has only been in the tank a few hours so I'm not surprised it's not ready.
  6. Kellye8498 Well Known Member Member

    You shouldn't have to start the cycle again just because you did a 100% water change. Now if you scrubbed your gravel and decorations and changed your filter media clean then yes, you're going to have to cycle again.
  7. Marco Rodriguez Member Member

    Awesome. I'll wait 24 hours and test the water. Thank you :)

  8. shiv234 Well Known Member Member

    you mightn't need to. If you washed your bio media in tap water then recycle it...if not add some ammonia and see what happens