How Long Should I Qt My Rasboras, And How Healthy Do They Look?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by AwokenPrincess, Apr 23, 2018.

  1. AwokenPrincess

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    On Saturday I got 6 Harlequin Rasboras and emptied my cycled 10 gallon tank (bare bottom with minimal decorations I don’t really care about) and then acclimated them. The fish had been doing okay, they looked very silver with no red //orange. Unfortunately one of the fish passed away this morning, there were no red gills, sores, white patches, or any other things that could’ve lead to it’s passing away. I’m hoping it was just my LFS conditions and the transition but I’d just like to see someone who has a bit more experience with them, include their input on their health and how long they should be quarinted for. They’ve also started exploring the middle of the tank today where’s as the last two days they stayed at the bottom. 6D3C3827-C858-4C7A-A3B2-AB3BB956D53B.jpegFF49B1D5-FA0B-450B-A005-9D54BC3E736C.png9E9CDAF6-20B9-4533-892C-0B7A898CF3FD.png468AE9FB-6B2C-49DF-BF26-3EFF41C75271.png5CE26B21-D676-4535-8536-70DD1CBBA7F7.png127443F8-5DD5-45E6-A5EE-E9B617971578.png
  2. Rainy day

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    They look fine externally, though you obviously can't see whats going on inside. I'd say 4 -5 weeks would be good. Also, it looks like you have some lambchop rasboras mixed in.
  3. OP

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    Unfourtanetly another one passed away, so I did a water test and I’ll insert a picture of the tank params here: ECDDA25E-B528-4D83-A027-6D46E00DB322.jpeg
    I didn’t think it was the water as i have 4 ghost shrimp who are all doing good as of now.
    I inserted a pvc pipe as a hide and fed them and I’m just hoping things get better from here.
    And lamb chop? They all appear to be the same so if they are lamb chop what does this mean?
  4. JLeeM

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    Lambchop rasboras are very similar to harlequins. It's just a different breed of rasbora. Harlequins have orange/reddish fins normally, meaning generally that the fins are more colorful than the body. Lambchops however, have a more colorful body than fin. The color is also usually a deeper red color. Myself, I only see harlequins in your pictures. I could be wrong though.
  5. OP

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    Their fins are more orange than their body by a long shot. Thank you!