How long should I let my new shrimp breed before giving the ones with less desirable traits away?

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This is my first post, so please ignore any thing I mess up on, sorry the title is so long

So I just recently got some orange sakura shrimp also known as Sunkist shrimp, I have done tons of research, but have been having trouble finding an answer for this one, how long should I wait before giving shrimp with less desirable traits away? Remember that this is a newer colony of shrimp I just got recently. I know this sounds kinda cruel, but I heard that if you don't get rid of any shrimp they will eventually revert to their natural colors, which is super clear see though shrimp with barely any color, I never plan on killing any shrimp on purpose

PS, I am new to the shrimp breeding thing, this is my first time breeding shrimp
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Although I don't breed and sell my shrimp. I'd just say to start picking out a few unwanted ones once you have reached a population you are happy with. Them start selling lower grade ones rather than right at the beginning and you leave yourself with only a handful since they didn't have time to breed a few times. Males are usually less colored, so make sure you don't remove all of your males.
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you can be looking at taking out around 30% of each batch that may fail to reach your standard, dont be in a rush to separate anything, some shrimp don't colour up until just before they breed for the first time which is about 4 months, I don't kill anything so less coloured shrimp I give away or put in my cull tank
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