How Long Nilocg Thrive Should Last Me?


Hello, I'm new to dosing using all in one. I have a 15 gallon, I'm planning on moderately planting it but I don't know how many plants is considered "moderate" ? On the sticky thread you say I should dose one pump per 20 gallons a week if it's moderately planted. Note that I do NOT have a nutrient rich substrate like ADA, it's just coarse sand, would that be fine?

To see if it's cost effective (I'm on a tight budget) before purchasing this product how long should I expect it to last me? It's 500 ml, so how much is "1 pump" exactly?

On the amazon page it says it treats 2500 gallons, so following the 1 pump a week for my 15 gallon it should last me 3 years? Is that correct? If so that's pretty great.
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Giving this a bump up for you hope our planted members can help you today


Coarse sand is fine, I have pfs in my tank with plants but I use root tabs. Also that bottle of thrive should last you a good while (assuming you did your math correctly) 3 years seems accurate.

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