How long is long enough (QT) Question

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    I have had 2 guppies and a peppered cory in an 8 g Qt for about 10 days. 1 guppy and the cory appear the be healthy they eat well and dont hide alot. The second guppy is also healthy but got stuck behind a jar thats in the tank some time this morning or last night and isnt doing well so he will be staying in QT till hes recovered or dies. I want to move the cory and the healthy guppy because the guppy seems to be going a bit stir crazy hes just swiming up and down the side of the tank.
    The tank they will be going into is a 29g with another cory and 2 more male guppies
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  2. Crissandra331

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    Usually the minimum QT time for freshwater is 2 weeks.. some keep them in QT for upwards of 3-4 months just to be safe..
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    I lean towards the 30 day mark. There are multiple maladies that can take three plus weeks to show significant indicators, but the number really seems to drop off drastically after about 30 days in freshwater.