How Long For Heirarchy To Be Set With Juvenile Cichlids Question

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish and Invertebrates' started by jimmyjam923, Jul 25, 2019.

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    I just got some juvenile dempsey, green terror, texas and a salvini in a 75g that are abiut 2 inches. After a few days most of the heirarchy is clear and the salvini is on the bottom with the green terror just above him. All of the fish will make short runs at each other just to show whos boss but with all the other fish it ends there with the exception of the green terror. He constantly harasses the salvini and seems to go looking for him even when the salvini has conceded and moved off. I know its part of the fish world but it seems the other fish have settled in and are more tolerant. Is it normal to still have some harassing like that after a few days? The others harassed each other for the first day and then have really settled in to there accepted roles. It could be the GT is just a bully but not sure. He hasnt damaged the fish yet but im sure the harassment cant ne good and i wont let it go on for much longer. Just wondering how long i should wait before eother redecorating or removing the GT to a time out for a bit
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    Cichlid heirarchy is ever changing, depending on the current health, size & demeanor of each individual fish. The best way to handle the aggression issue is to design a hardscape
    with numerous hiding spots, escape routes and areas for individual territories.
    I've kept all your listed cichlids at one time or another. Providing they are all males, my guess is the eventual strenghth chart will be, Texas Cichlid, Green Terror, JD & Salvini.
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    Trouble with keeping different territorial cichlids together is they don’t wanna be there. There will always be aggression... and when the first one matures it will kick off. I’d guess the JD will end up at the bottom, as their aggression isn’t in the same league as salvini or Herichthys. The Texas will no doubt rule the tank as it will be the biggest.

    Aggressive cichlids are best kept without other aggressive cichlids. You can cram them in together like Malawis but it’s not natural at all and none of them will ever have enough space, or be able to fully relax. There will always be tension between them.
    Far better for the fish to pick one species per tank and keep a pair....
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