How Long Does Your Co2 Tank Last? Thinking About Outfitting A 75g With Co2!

Discussion in 'Plant CO2' started by fishyAdventure, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. fishyAdventureValued MemberMember

    Hi all,

    I'm currently looking into procuring the parts for a pressurized CO2 setup. I am debating going the Paintball route because I like how compact the units are and some of my space under/around the aquarium is limited. But my main concern is how long they would last.

    I understand this is a hard question to get a definitive answer, but can some members chime in on how long i could expect a 24oz CO2 paintball tank to last trying to hit the drop checker to 30ppm (green color) for about 8 hours a day?

    I know they sell 2.5pound tanks but at that point I may as well get a 5 pound. I'm okay refilling every 2 months or so but if im swapping paintball tanks every 30 days I may as well just get a bigger system.

    Thank you!
  2. Zigi ZigWell Known MemberMember

    Is hard to tell how long it will last is all depend how much you gonna use and how stable your water be and what size is your tank plus how heavy is planted. I have 18 tanks and i average anywhere from 2-4 months on refill, some tanks i have and they last up to half year ..
  3. fishyAdventureValued MemberMember

    Would the best bet just be to get a 5 pound tank on a 75 Gallon? Just based on your numbers it sounds like 24oz co2 would probably be better suited for <30 gals for several months of use.
  4. Zigi ZigWell Known MemberMember

    I think you be OK with make sure you get good circulation pump or power head. You want Co2 you’re adding to reach every corner of the tank so all plants can benefit..
  5. Jstabile316Valued MemberMember

    My 24oz paintball tank only lasts about 2-3 weeks tops on a 29 gallon aquarium, it turns on 9am and off at 5pm.
  6. KinderScoutValued MemberMember

    I got a 120l tank so less than half your size - a 2Kg (4.2lb) CO2 extinguisher lasts consistently 5months but runs 18hrs a day (twice as long as most). I'm guessing the advice to get 5lb tanks sounds about right if you don't want to be constantly switching tanks out!