How long does Angelfish last without food?


Okay so I have 1 angelfish in my 20 gallon tank in my apartment. I moved to another city 3 hours away and for the first time I will be away from my apartment for a week where my angelfish is. I will be coming back there next Sat so basically I won't be feeding her for 7 days. I changed the water and made sure my heater was at the right temperature before I left and when I come back first thing I'll do is feed her and change the water.

My question is will my angelfish survive without food for 7 days? And how long do they last without food? I will be moving my aquarium in my new place the next day so her feeding schedule will be the same after that.


I left my angelfish for a week no problem


Thanks for this I just hope all goes well


The funny thing about asking how long a fish can last without eating, is that it implies that people have determined the length through arriving to a dead fish.

Haha, not meant to badger you, just a thought. Side note, maybe his angelfish will live for 7 days, but there's a possibility yours wont, or won't recover from the fasting period. Plus there are other factors, such as if there are other food sources available to the fish besides regular feeding patterns (plant organics, etc).

Ken Ooi

An auto feeder should create peace of mind. Less than $50


I believe (from my own repeated experience) that your Angelfish will be absolutely fine for a mere 7 days.

I also think it will be better to leave it without food for this period than installing an automatic feeding device which in my experience can be fiddly and go wrong.


Do you have a neighbor or friend that would feed him once a day? Alison


I say the fish will be fine without food for 7 days. I'd stay away from the automatic feeders, once the food starts getting damp, it can clog the feeder, and they sometimes don't dispense the right amount of food. If you decide to have someone feed them for you, you best make sure they know how much to give, and how often. I personally don't trust anyone to feed my fish. You can get a pill box with the days of the week and put food in it for the person to feed your fish.


My fish is alive and well! Fed her and she's eating just fine. Thank goodness! It's also been a week since I changed the water but I'm not going to change it until I take her back to my other place. Thanks for all your feedback!


I'm often away for business so I bought an auto feeder. You can get one pretty cheap and it will take care of your fish while you're away.

I've been told that covering your aquarium completely with a blanket/rag helps. The fish will hibernate and can go on longer without food. I have no idea if this actually works, I'm just a beginner - it's just something they told me at my local LFS. Maybe it's worth considering, too.

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