How Long Can My New Tank Go Without A Protein Skimmer?

My 75 gallon tank is IN and now I'm just making an Amazon list. I decided I'm going to get the sump right now. Because of my budget, I'm not getting the skimmer yet, so I'm waiting for Christmas. I'm just wondering if the fish will be able to live without one for 6 months.

My planned stocking list:

  • Lemon Butterflyfish (if not, either a Klein's or a Yellow Longnose)
  • Christmas Wrasse (Halichoeres claudia)
  • Hawaiian Squirrelfish
  • Spotted Puffer
  • Zebra Blenny
  • Teddy Bear Crab
  • Shortspine Urchin
Planned fish include Kole Tang and Flame Angel.

The tank will be a FOWLR.
As long as you hold off on the urchin until you can get the skimmer you should be ok
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Just realized I had less than 500 bucks, so now I CAN'T get a sump.

To keep things cheap I'll be getting a simple HOB filter, possibly Aquaclear.

Could my tank do good with just that and not a skimmer? If not, could I use a skimmer and a cheaper brand of filter?

I can't do EBAY cause of diseases.
A skimmer is the single most important piece of filtration equipment on a saltwater aquarium. It is far more effective than any HOB. With FOWLR you might could get away with it for a few months IF YOU KEEP UP WITH YOUR WATER CHANGES religously. Like, every week, 30% without fail. That's 25 gallons. You will need plenty of circulation pumps to make sure you are getting good flow around your live rock. Do you have those? An Aquaclear won't cut it by itself.
If you can't afford a sump, look at the AquaC Remora Pro S hang-on skimmer. I ran my 75 gallon reef with that for 3 years until I took it down this past winter. It's a good skimmer, and you don't need a sump, plus it's quiet and it won't break the bank. It is something worth saving up for.
You seem to be a person with a lot of original ideas. While I appreciate that, remember that you have the lives of intelligent sensitive saltwater fish in your hands. It's important that you take the proper steps to care for them, or have the maturity to realize that just because you can doesn't always mean you should.

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