How long after placing fish should I test for ammonia in new tank?

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HI all,
I set up my cold water aquarium a week ago and have just got a master test kit and placed my 2 goldfish in to start the cycle.
They are doing fine, but my question is how many hours after placing them in the tank should I start testing the parameters?
I've placed decorations from their small cycled tank and live plants also from previous cycles tank to help things along. I'm fairly new to all this testing as previously I just placed them in their first tank as lots of beginners do without testing the parameters. I'm just lucky they survived. Any help would be appreciated, thank you. Oh...they are comets......

Any help would be great? I was thinking 24 hours?
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I would get tetra safe start plus to be honest. Ive used that to safely cycle my tank and my fancy goldfish is still great. It doesn't harm them at all unless something went wrong.
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Hmmm ok this wasn't suggested by the shop. Anyhow I tested anyways and my ammonia is still 0 so I guess that's good....

Also I have TrI start. Is this the same thing?
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How large is your aquarium? The smaller your tank, the more you have to worry. Especially with goldfish.
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I tested my tank every 24 hours while cycling, twice a week for two weeks to confirm that the cycle completed, and now I test once a week before the water change. YMMV

The vast majority of your bacteria lives in your filter. If you still have your old filter, and the filter media is still wet, I would advise you to either place the old filter media in your new filter behind the new filter media, or run both filters on your new tank for a few weeks. Your cycle has worked if you get 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, and some nitrates for several days.

TSS+ is a bacterial additive to help kick start your cycle. It won't harm an existing cycle. With TSS+, you add it to the tank and then don't test or do water changes for two weeks. Because I already had goldfish, and because I couldn't leave it alone for two weeks, I chose to use the bacterial additive Stability by the company Seachem. I was able to test every day, do water changes if necessary, and dose with Stability. To start my second tank I moved some biomedia from my cycled tank (for a betta) and used Stability to boost the bacteria. When I move my goldfish to a bigger tank, I intend to simply move the old filter over to the new tank with them and run it next to the new filter for a few weeks, boosting with Stability as needed.

EDITE I'm not familiar with TrI Start. What kind of product is it?
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The new tank is 3 feet, about 120 litres. The old one was 20 litres (I know I know, cruel) which is why I upgraded. Will the filter for the 20 litre tank have any real benefit in 120 litre tank?
Thanks for your help all, I just joined today and all the info helps allot!

I've since worked out its different then tetra start. But this is what we use in Australia
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It doesn't matter if the 20 litre filter does anything in the new tank. The point of it is to give the bacteria currently living in the 20 litre filter a chance to colonize the new 120 litre filter.

So I'm seeing that the Tri-Start is a water conditioner. Do you have access to a bacteria supplement product? You might not need it if your cycle transfers over well.
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I can get it but I might try my old filter in there first. I'll test the parameters and see how it goes. I've left all the old sponges and carbon filter in it. Thanks for your help

Have placed filter from other tank and its media in new tank. Hoping it speeds up the process

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