How important is water hardnes ?


I have been doing a lot of research on water hardness and ph. From what I have read , most fish can adapt to harder water.

My water if extremely hard, and ph is 7.8

if I want to breed a fish that requires soft water,can I breed and keep it in harder water or would it be harder to breed than if the water was softer ?


More important than pH. When people say you need a stable pH what is really meant is you need a stable water hardness, because that's what affects fish osmoregulation.
Most fish can adapt to harder water than what is in the wild, but adapting to softer water is more difficult for naturally hard water fish.
For soft water fish, adapting and breeding are different, and usually breeding has to be done at the water hardness they would have naturally. Other conditions like water cleanliness, temperature, tank environment, and perhaps pH (though pH follows KH, so if KH is low so should be the pH) should also be considered.


gH and kH go into play with pH so its good to have the gh/kh testkit on hand.
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