How I Got Squee And Finally Real Plants For His Tank!

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I have always wanted an Betta in an aquarium.
So, this year in November I mentioned it to my daughter and she said The family will set you up with one as a Christmas present. And the search was on.
I decided on a Fluval Spec V tank because it was all inclusive minus the heater (no problem),and all the reviews I read about it were so positive. We marched off to the huge Aquarium store in Calgary (Pisces Pet Emporium) and Luck be with us, the Fluval spec V were on sale. (I saved over $50.00 on that tank that day!)
My daughter said we should pick up a fish, but I told her that the tank had to be ready for a fish first and that would take a few weeks.
So I picked up a smallish piece of Spiderwood, and some chlorine neutralizer and three lovely silk plants. and one 2 lb bag of white aquarium gravel.
I know, you are cringing at the "Silk Plants" (Much more on this later)
I went home set up the tank and rinsed and polished it up, cleaned and washed out 6 gallon milk containers from my recycle bin , added water, Nutrifin neutralizer and let it come to room temperature (took about two days as we get pretty cool here in the Winter.)
I rummaged through my storage and found a bucket of very smooth stones and flat rocks I had been collecting for years from the beach of our family cottage.
I layered the gravel and placed an assortment of the stones and rocks on the bottom, placed the silk plants on either end and the (Already boiled) Spiderwood in the middle. Plugged it in and let it cycle. after about two days the spiderwood started oozing,a white slimish type of whatever, more research said let it be and it will go away. and by George it did after about five days.
Back to the store to get a betta.
This aquarium store houses all their Betta for sale in one gallon glass cubes (Much more humane than those poor fish in some stores that spend their lives in a small flower bowl.)
I was looking and my daughter was kneeling down and said "Squee!" she pointed to a Blue Betta that was looking at her and following her finger around the glass. I had to admit that he was a real beauty and "Squee" was mine! LOL
Home and acclimated HI'm in the tank for a couple of hours in his purchase bag, then slowly released him. He literally danced around the tank and explored every nook and cranny.
Squee was home.
I started watching aquarists videos on you tube, and was completely taken in with the live plants and the "I wish I had" thoughts were mulling around in my head, but no substrate and the tank was just not set up for any live plants.
AND THEN.....I saw and read about Anubias.....the Miracle plant that can be attached to driftwood, rocks and about anything in an aquarium.
So in late January I purchased three planta
1...Anubias Barteri
2...Anubias Nana
3...Anubias Sword.
and delicately, following instructions (youtube again) removed all the wool from the roots and attached them to rocks and the Spider driftwood.
SQUEE loved it! he is always burrowing in the roots that have not gone underground (stones) yet, and resting on the leaves.he has plenty of hiding places and flits around the tank as if he is the King of his castle and he is.
I remove and exchange about one gallon of water daily and the plants are thriving. The BarterI has sent up a bloom, and I am a very happy camper.
No co2 , no air,just the water nozzle pointed up so as to add some air movement in the tank.
Hopefully they continue along this way but time will tell.

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