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How Heavily Can A Guppy Tank Be Planted?

Discussion in 'Aquarium Plants' started by queenofthehotdogrealm, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. queenofthehotdogrealmNew MemberMember

    My goal is to have both my tanks slowly progressive to low maintenance is various ways. I would like to have heavily planted tanks for the beauty and the science.

    I'd like my 20 gal guppy tank to be a heavily planted tank but I'm worried about the plants softening the water? Do I need to worry about the hardness of water if my pH, ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, etc are all at (or within) appropriate levels?

    Thanks for any advice!
  2. FiskerValued MemberMember

    There's no limit to how heavy you can plant a tank - as long as there's room for the fish to swim and available nutrients for the plants, you can add as many as you want to.

    Don't worry about the hardness of your water. It really won't matter in most tanks unless it's atrociously high or low (and I mean WAYYYYY out of whack). With hardy fish like guppies, you should never have to worry about it. The same goes with PH - guppies do great in a huge range of PHs, and I find that it seldom matters as long as they're acclimated correctly. As long as your PH falls between 7 and 8.4, you should be good to go with guppies, IME.

    If you're truly concerned, look into putting a couple handfuls of crushed coral into a media bag in your filter. It'll help buffer you water and keep everything nice and basic (PH-wise), like the guppies like it.
  3. BotWell Known MemberMember

  4. gokValued MemberMember

    Guppies mostly stay at the top... So, the tank can be heavily planted... As long as there is space at the top... They would also appreciate some floating plants like frogbit or pistia...
  5. CoptapiaWell Known MemberMember

    What is your water like?