How Far Can I Transport Fish Without Harming Them Question

  1. fishman'iac Member Member

    Hi guys, I need advice on how far I can drive with fish -
    1. Would 4 hrs be too far?
    2. Would it be a problem with the water cooling off too much?
    3. If not, should I keep the bags open for oxygen?
    4. Would it be ok to haul shrimp that far?
    The reason it’s so far is because I live out in the country and the closest lfs is 1 hr away and they mostly have cichlids and no big variety....lots of questions any help would be appreciated!!! Thanks
  2. Mcasella Fishlore VIP Member

    Get you a nice insulated foam cooler, transport the bags inside this and keep it sealed the whole trip - 4 hrs is nothing compared to what some spend in transit across the country. If you are worried about the shrimp add a plant to their bag to give them something to cling to and keep them from freaking out as much.
    I would not open the bags during transit as this may cause more issue, if one of the bags breaks you're pretty much out of luck having a replacement for the bag or lost water (plus water may end up all over you). If you are transporting large fish the safest way is to use a five gallon bucket with some sort of cover to keep it dark inside to keep the fish from freaking out (this is for large fish like adult angels, or multiples of large fish like groups of SA or African cichlids, ones that are over 3 inches plus or have sharp spines that will often puncture thinner bags if stressed like plecos or large cories).

  3. fishman'iac Member Member

    Thanks so much I was so worried that I’d come home with dead fish!! Would u buy a plant to put in with shrimp?
  4. Mcasella Fishlore VIP Member

    If the store doesn't provide something for them to hold onto (mesh, strand of java moss), i have bought small plants to transport them with to prevent stress on them, my most recent being an overnight hold and transport of two CRS that are enjoying their new digs.

  5. fishman'iac Member Member

    Sweet....:) thank you- do stores normally supply something for them to hold on to? Just over worrying myself
  6. RyanLee Initiate Member

    some good advice already given here, but another option you have is to get fish shipped to you. This guy is one of my favorites for quality fish: Freshwater Tropical Fish Online
  7. fishman'iac Member Member

    Would be the way to go but I can’t afford that, stressed my budget to far already. If it would be free shipping lol