How does...

  1. FreshAquariums

    FreshAquariums Valued Member Member

    Hey peoples, how big does a Chinese algae eater get when its a full grown adult, does any1 know!???
  2. slayer5590

    slayer5590 Well Known Member Member

    10 inches or so
  3. M

    Mskia1972 New Member Member

    Yes, they become aggressive and begin to chase and suck on your other fish. This is not good because it messes up their slime coat and will kill them.
  4. M

    Mskia1972 New Member Member

    I had to catch mine, which took forever!! I put him in with my African Cichlids because they too are aggressive!! He did quite well with them until he passed away from what appeared to be bloat. He got to about 5 inches or a little more.