How Does A Pleco Work

  1. fish time

    fish time Well Known Member Member

    Hi there everyone I was wondering how exactly does a mouth of a pleco work and stick onto stuff do plecos have a special tooth that let's them do it?and how do they eat necessarily do they eat like snails where they use there tounges to scrape things???
  2. 2211Nighthawk

    2211Nighthawk Fishlore VIP Member

    My guess, and I could be TOTALLY out to lunch on this. Becuase they’re in water, they have the weightless effect going on. So all they have to do is suck onto the glass, like a smart aleck kid onto a patio door, and lick. Ever been licked by a cat? Tongue is the same, but except where a cats is barbed to help clean their fur, plecos use it to rasp alge or biofilm off.
  3. Mcasella

    Mcasella Fishlore VIP Member

    The add on, cats also use their tongues to rip fur and feathers off prey, but plecos work pretty much the same, their mouth is also slightly flexible.
  4. 2211Nighthawk

    2211Nighthawk Fishlore VIP Member

    Didn’t want to go into the fun graphic fur-and meat stripping properties of a cat tounge. :D