How Do you like my discus selection?

  1. M

    Marine Man Valued Member Member

    1 Blue Diamond Discus
    1 Cobalt Blue Discus
    1 Fire Red Discus
    1 Marlboro Red Discus
    1 Pigeon Blood discus

    How is that combination?

    Also, I will be soon be starting a blog on Fishlore about my discus. How do I do that? And also check out my blogger blog at
  2. Butterfly

    Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    Those are beautiful discus selections. I personally prefer more than one of each color it gives a less random appearance.
    To set up a blog click on aquarium blogs in the above tool bar, then on the bar that comes up is a tab that says my Blog. There you are :)
  3. CichlidSWAGA

    CichlidSWAGA Well Known Member Member

    I agree those are beauties. But lately i have been really liking one color or species only tanks. I would do 5 blue diamonds JMO
  4. Disc61

    Disc61 Well Known Member Member

    Nice, will be very colorful.
  5. F

    Fishgeek1225 New Member Member

    I agree here.

    I would go with a Royal Blue instead of the Cobalt- but I have Royal Blue bias.