How do you know if you have a mated pair (Bolivian Rams)?

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    I purchased two Bolivian Rams a couple days ago. The fish store was not positive about sexing but we're in a rush to close and grabbed what they thought to be a male and a female. I'm certain one is a male, but I cannot see the vent on the other (the only true way to sex). The other one does not have the extended fins, however I know that this is not always a guaranteed female.

    Anyways, the two have spent quite a bit of time with each other. They make rounds around the tank, one following the other and often hang out in one spot beside each other. They do look like they like each other. However, on occasion, they have fought - one nipping at the other's side or darting at the other to chase it away. They did face each other and "kiss" briefly a couple times when I initially put them in but I have not seen that today.

    What is likely going on?
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