How Do You Acclimate?

  1. Totally Not Kermit

    Totally Not Kermit Well Known Member Member

    I float then drip into five gallon bucket while filling tank up at the same time and do a water change at the same time boom. How about you?
  2. Fashooga

    Fashooga Fishlore VIP Member

    Float for about 30 mins, open the bag, pour some tank water into the bag, do it a few times and net the fish and put them into the QT tank.
  3. aussieJJDude

    aussieJJDude Well Known Member Member

    Acclimatise for 10 - 30 mins, use hands to 'net' fish - find its not as damaging on them compared to a net, so minimises 'wounds'... and release.

  4. RSababady

    RSababady Well Known Member Member

    I place a small tank next to the big tank with an airstone and heater - fill it up with water from my main tank. Float the fish in their bag in the small tank for 30 minutes. open the bag and pour the water from the bag into the small tank. Watch for 2 days. If everything is ok, then I scoop the fish out ONE AT A TIME with a net and place them into the big tank.
    I am paranoid about putting water from the fish shop into my main tank to avoid disease and snail.
    Then I empty the small tank, rinse it and leave it to dry in the sun.
  5. JenniferB

    JenniferB Valued Member Member

    I dont.
    Ok...that isn't entirely true. I do float to get temp close, maybe 10 mins.
    Then I dump the bag into a net over a bucket and put my fish in the tank.
  6. RSababady

    RSababady Well Known Member Member

    I like that method as you don't get any water from the fish shop into your tank!
  7. allllien

    allllien Well Known Member Member

    If you're worried about the (shops) tank water you can get a jug of your tank water first, and rinse the fish in it before releasing into your tank (then throw out the water in the jug and top up your tank with fresh treated water). I do this in one go, so as not to stress the fish too much, eg. for smaller fish like livebearers etc, have it all ready, scoop fish out bag with your hand keeping it closed around the fish, plunge your hand in the jug of water and give a little swirl around, then straight into the tank (the fish stays clutched in your hand the whole time from the bag until being released in the tank), after matching the temperatures of course.
    I pretty much do this as standard now.
  8. RSababady

    RSababady Well Known Member Member

    Interesting way to dilute the shop tank water. Thanks for sharing.