How Do I: Report SPAM (and inappropriate posts)

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HI - if you're like me, you hate spam. I hardly ever use the word "hate", but in the case of SPAM, I have to use it. We get bombarded with it in our email (hundreds of email messages daily for us), on forums, in comment areas, and on and on and on. We will not put up with it on FishLore.

So, what you can do if you see spam on our forums? Contact a moderator asap. You can use the "report post" to moderator button, which looks like this:
This button is located on the bottom of the post for each and every post/comment etc. I've attached a screenshot to show where it is exactly. You can also use this button to report anything that is inappropriate.

We will try our best to get rid of it as soon as possible if and when it shows up. The person posting the spam gets banned and I will also contact the ISP and report the user's IP address to their internet provider. Unfortunately, I don't think much is done to spammers (yet, anyway) so we just have to delete it and ban those that spam.

Thanks for your help in exterminating these pests,

P.S. A year or so ago, we had a spammer that sent out an inappropriate PM to many of the forum members. After that incident we instituted a new rule that only allows members with 50+ posts to use the PM function. We then had the forum software upgrade and I thought that I'd let the new members have 1 message in case of an emergency situation and they need to PM a moderator or myself. It turns out that someone found a way to abuse this too! So, we're now back to the 50+ posts before you can use the PM system. Sorry to the new members, but it's really to protect ALL of us from this garbage and I think you'll be glad we have this rule once you're over the 50 posts limit.
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Giving this a bump.
Unfortunately we've had some spammers slip through.

Mentions are only good if that particular moderator is on line.
The best way to get our attention is to use the report button.
This way any moderator who happens to be on line can handle it. We also receive an e-mail alert when something has been reported so anyone of us can log in and handle it.

Thank you all for helping to keep the forum free of SPAM!

Oh and please do not click any link that looks like it might be spam!

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