How Do I Remove Nitrite And Nitrate Levels? Help

  1. Lil Spicy

    Lil Spicy New Member Member

    I've had my 2 goldfish for around a month now one rescue, the other unexpected. They are still in a 10 gallon tank looking to upgrade and separate both of them later on.
    Anyways my water levels are
    High Range pH: 7.4
    Ammonia: 0
    Nitrite: 5
    Nitrate: 5
    I believe my nitrite is high due to overfeeding so imma cut down the food, as well as over stocking( they are still relatively small but growing).
    I was wondering if a water change or partial water change will do the trick and add some seachem prime to it. Will that do the trick?
  2. fjh

    fjh Well Known Member Member

    So lnce the tank finishes cycling you will have 0 ammonia and 0 nitrite (the nitrite will tirn into nitrate). In the meantime, water changes should lower the levels. You might also want to test your tap water to make sure all readings are 0 on the water you are using for your WC.
  3. RonJ

    RonJ Well Known Member Member

    If your Nitrate actually 5PPM, ur fish probably would have died by now. Pls retest. Or did u miss a decimal point?