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Ok, I know this is basic to many, but I did get an email asking how to do this. Posting on forums may be something totally unfamiliar to those just starting out with computers. So, here's how to do it.

To post a question on the forum:

1. Navigate to the most appropriate board (i.e. freshwater, beginners, aquarium nitrogen cycle, etc.) for your question. Putting your question in the most appropriate board helps you to get a quicker response and also helps others that may have that same question find it easily.

For example, if I had a betta question, I'd go to the main forum page and scroll down to get to the freshwater section and then I'd look under the freshwater fish species section for the betta board and click on that to open the betta board.

2. Once inside the appropriate board, click on the " Post New Thread" icon.

3. A new page loads that lets you type in a TITLE for your message and there is also a big box where you type in your message/question.

4. When you're finished typing your message, click on the "Submit New Thread" button below the posting box.

That's it! Welcome to the addictive world of forums! Muuahhhaahaaha

Note: Replying to a post is a similar process. There should be a reply box at the bottom of each topic. Type in your message and click Post Quick Reply. Or, you can also reply by clicking on the "Post Reply" inside each topic. After clicking on that button you will load a page that is very similar to the new thread page. Type in your message and submit.

For everyone!

Good morning,

I'm finding threads from various members all being posted in the Freshwater Beginners/Saltwater Begnners section of the forum, even when the person/persons has been a member for many months and some even longer.

It is very important that you select the best category for your thread that best suits the topic of your thread. This will help you to receive more responses and it will also help others that use the Search Fish Lore feature when they may be having the same issues.

Please, do not post everything into the Beginners section of the forum simply because you may not feel like searching for the correct category. If you have been a member for many months, then you are not a beginner.

Take your time, find the best category for your thread. Myself and the other Moderators having to move multiple threads posted by the same member may get you a WARNING! Warnings can lead to having your account banned from the site.


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This thread should help you.
Before you can post check your e-mail.
There should be a conformation waiting.

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