How Do I: Move photos to albums in my gallery?


So far, I've been just uploading my photos in my gallery into no specific albums. I've created a few new albums today to sort out all of the pictures. But I don't know how to move the photos to appropriate albums. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


You have to view each photo you want to move into an album. When viewing the photo, under it you should see this icon: 5.png which is the "Edit" icon. Click that icon and it takes you to the edit page. They call it "change category" which is kinda confusing. But click that drop down box to select the album to move the photo into.


OK, thank you ! ;D


Found an easier and quicker way to do this. If you've already uploaded or have photos in your gallery and want to move them into specific albums, do this:

1. You must create an album first, then click on your gallery profile link

2. Click on "Manage Photos" (along the left side navigation)

4. Click on the Category drop down box and select where the photos are currently stored - either in an album or your main "member galleries" category in order to load the list of s you want to move.

5. You'll see your s and in the middle column of each row is another drop down box that lets you select which album to save it to. Select the album you want to move each into.

6. Click Submit and it should save those photos to the albums you specified.
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