How Do I Make The Most Of Aqua Tech Hob?


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I found out after the fact that aqua tech filters aren’t very good. I have a 20/40 and a 30/60 and want to replace the filter cartridge with whatever works best. I am planning on keeping the red bio grids, unless you all think I should not. I bought some sponges to put in there and some floss. I also got some pre filter sponges. The sponge itself is up against the red bio grid and goes all the way back to the back of the filter. Should I cut it in half, so that free flowing water gets back there or is it ok up right against it? Also, should I try to use the floss along with it? I also saw somewhere that people were putting in bioballs or other bio media where the intake tube is at. Does the water flow from the bottom up on these filters or from back to front? Sorry for asking so many questions. Looking for any type of advice or suggestions.

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