How do I make sure my 10 WCMM and my 3 Guppies get all fed evenly ? Question

  1. vtyou Initiate Member

    Well the title pretty much sums up the question. How do I make sure my 10 WCMM and my 3 Guppies get all fed evenly? I usually mush up the flakes to make sure they are small enough for the WCMM's to eat, but then I see the much bigger Guppies seem like they are getting fed more than the WCMM's =/. So then I get worried and I feed ANOTHER meal to them and then I get even more worried that I over-fed them.
  2. agabr123 Fishlore VIP Member

    there are a few tricks you can use for feeding. first you can make sure that you spread the food across the entire tank to give the WCMM time to get to them on at least some part of the tank. you can also try feeding after you turn out the lights, it'll be harder for the guppies to gulp everything down quickly if it's dark in the tank. if you notice a particularly slow WCMM that isn't getting fed you can pick up a breeder net to put them in for feeding time, but i wouldn't recommend leaving them in there full-time so it may be a pain for you.
  3. vtyou Initiate Member

    Thanks for the tip agabr123, but if I close my light before feeding them, wouldn't that make it hard for the WCMM as well?
  4. redlessi Well Known Member Member

    Maybe if you feed the guppies on one end of the tank and once they start eating feed the wcmm at the other end.
  5. agabr123 Fishlore VIP Member

    it will be a little difficult but they should be able to hunt out the food. it will also allow the food to sink a little so it will be dispersed throughout the tank and give them a better chance to grab some before the guppies
  6. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    I drop the food in the outflow of the filter so that it gets spread throughout the tank, giving all fish an opportunity to eat.