How do I know if my Otos are eating?


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Yesterday I purchased 6 Otos from my LFS. They don’t appear to be too skinny and they are living in a 20gal planted aquarium. My tank is established and has been running for 2 years. There is algae on the drift wood and on the glass. I have seen my Otos attached to both of these places. If they are on the glass are they eating algae or just hanging out? Because they are can be finicky about food I want to know how to tell if they are eating. I have also dropped an algae wafer in the aquarium just incase


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You'll know when your otos are eating as they move backwards and forwards fairly rapidly over on area. It looks just live vacuuming a carpet!
If they're still, they're resting (they do that quite a lot!)
Many don't take to eating algae wafers, mine never did, but pretty much everyone agrees that they love courgette/zucchini and red pepper/bell pepper.
You've probably seen the thread
Just got otos! Any tips/info? | 468272 | Otocinclus
But, if not, you'll see lots of feeding tips, including mine for giving powdered food
Although they're known as 'algae eaters' in fact they won't touch many types so you'll very likely need to actively feed them if you are not seeing that distinctive frenzied movement that you'll come to recognise as eating.
Initially, I'd definitely recommend trying the powder (it doesn't have to be all of them, that's just my mix!) as they don't have to go looking for it and they tend to be a little shy when first arriving in a tank.
Hope this helps!

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