How do I keep my 4 bronze cory fry alive?


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Preface: This is my first time on the forum so forgive me if there are conventions to posting and this violates them.

My bronze corys laid eggs about a week ago(fry are now 4 days old), and I salvaged as many as I could. The eggs were laid on the glass and were being eaten by my other fish, so I scraped them off the side and put them in a 5 gal quarantine tank. But then a few days before they hatched I was doing some reading and learned that the depth of my tank would be too much for them, and not wanting them to drown I moved them to a mesh breeder net. They hatched in there, only 5 eggs hatched. I noticed fungus on the others, and having not used methylene blue or anything I expected as much. I took out the fungused eggs and saw 5 babies, but the fry kept getting stuck in between the structure of the cube and the net itself (not sure really how to explain this, you build a plastic structure and then the net goes around it). It made me anxious that I couldn't keep an eye on them, so I moved them to a floating tupperware with an airstone still in the 5.5gal tank. The next day (yesterday) I checked on the babies and one had died, and I noticed that the water temperature was 83F. Knowing Corydoras are sensitive to heat and that 83 was approaching their upper limit, I took the Tupperware from my quarantine tank and am now floating it in my main tank, which is 75F. Surprisingly I lost no fry in this process due to temperature changes, which I assumed would happen. I'll attach a pic of their current setup, but I'm doing further reading and I'm honestly just confused as to what to do.

Since its so few fry I feel like putting them in a 5 gal would be problematic especially for feeding. The 5 gal is also in an un air-conditioned room, and I'm nervous about it getting too hot. That said, I have read countless posts saying that the fry will be more likely to survive if given a sandy surface, is this true? I intend to put them into my main tank as soon as they are big enough to not get eaten. These guys have already been through so much but I want to make sure they're getting the best chance that they can, thank you guys:)

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Nice idea with the Tupperware. Cory’s breed like rabbits :). Fun to raise though and 4 is perfect. You could half or 1/4 fill the 5g and keep in a different room. I too found the net a pain. Very hard to clean. For food get some shrimp pellets and Crush a few till there powder.
What you did is what we all do. Yes in the 5g the would have saved more fry. But than you’d have a bunch. To get corys breeding just change 50% of the water with a little cooler water. They will be leaving eggs everywhere :). For mine I bought this fry setup. It hangs on the side of the tank and with an air pump pumps water through it and back into the tank.


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So I've put them into the 5 gal and filled it half way, its on my nightstand but honestly it lets me look more so its okay with me:) When I emptied the Tupperware into the 5 gal I noticed an extra baby I hadn't seen before! So that's quite exciting:) I also went to my moms today and found out she had some Mbuna fry, so I got those guys too now (just 5, and they're in separate tanks don't worry).

I'm just going to keep feeding them and changing the water and hope they do alright. I've been feeding Hikari first bites and frozen baby brine shrimp but I'm not sure if they're eating, though I guess if they've lived this long they must be.

Also that box you have I actually saw at my LFS! I think I will get it for the future. Thank you for replying:)

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