How do I help my YoYo Loach?


Hey guys,
I have had 3 yoyos in the tank since it finished cycling, and I added another last weekend. Three or four days ago he began acting strangely. He sits on the bottom of the tank, usually in the corner, his breathing is rapid and he is sluggish when he does move around. He is uninterested in food, but he could be eating at night. This morning when I woke up he was looking worse and laying on his side, almost on his back. I have attached photos and a video of him. I know there are no decorations in the tank, my rocks were causing issues and my oak branches started molding.

-20 gallon tall, 100watt heater, aqua clear 50, and aqueon 10 (temporary)
-4 yoyo loaches (1.5-2in), 4 dwarf honey gourami, 9 Pricilla tetras, 1 bamboo shrimp, and 2 mystery snails.
-the tank is one month old, temp is 69º, 25% water change twice a week
-I ran out of tests and am awaiting my freshwater master kit. no clouding and plenty of filtration/ bacteria in filters.


69 degrees is very cold. Can you raise it to 76? He could be acting sluggish from the temperature. it would also explain why he's not eating, colder water slows down their metabolism. But with no other information, it is hard to say. I would work on the temperature asap and take it from there. What do you do for acclimation?

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