How Do I Get Rid Of Plant Hitch Hikers?


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Hello everyone,

Despite dipping my plants in a 19:1 water/bleach solution for a few minutes, I was not able to do that for some moss I ordered recently. It would definitely have died, so I rinsed it thoroughly—or so I thought—with some tap water for a good 5-10 minutes before setting it in my quarantine tank with the other plants I had ordered.

Well now, about 4 days in, there's some incredibly small, little white bug-like critters moving around along the glass and through the water. Some quick google searches leads me to think they're some kind of micro crustacean. Is there any way to get rid of them that won't endanger my plants? I'm sure they're harmless, but I don't want them overpopulating and being all over the place!

I'd send a picture, but these little guys are so, so incredibly small. I only noticed them because I was closely watching a certain area and saw some movement. If need be, however, I can definitely try to get a picture or video, but no promises.
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