How Do I Get Rid Of Green Hair Algae?

Discussion in 'Saltwater Algae Problems' started by lampro, Jun 18, 2019.

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    I have a 10 gallon with bryopsis algae in the beginning and I was told to add magnesium to kill it and it worked. I also started adding GFO to remove phosphate in my tank. I also tested my water it has low nitrite.
    Now my tank have green hair algae on rocks and glass. Should I just restart the tank? what should i do? the magnesium doesnt seem to work on green hair algae.

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    If all else fails Fluconazole will do the job for you. You can pick it up under the Reef Flux brand from  

    Just follow the recommended dose for your tank and then let it sit for a month with no water changes (still top off of course) and then after a month do a good size water change (ie 40-50%).

    Here was my tank 2 weeks before dosing Fluconazole (notice all the hairy gunk in the rockwork):

    Here it is 1 month after dosing followed by a big water change:

    The problem is that Turbos are hit and miss with it and if it gets really long they won't touch it and a Turbo is too big for a 10 gallon. IMHO Turbo snails are better at preventing it in the first place then being added to clean it up when it's over run the tank.
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    yea i dont think snail can eat algae 5 times its size lol

    thank you! i tried the fluconazole from pharmacy store but it didnt help but i will give the reef flux one a try.
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    The trick with Fluconazole is that you need to let it sit for 4-5 weeks with no water changes. If you do anything in between it won't work. BTW how long are you running your lights and what lights are you using?
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    i use this 30W coral light for my 10 gallon. i have the light on for 8 hours per day
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    Sounds like you have the lighting about right.
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    yea i might have got the algae from another coral or rock :(

    is there any way that i can dip the coral to kill the algae on it?
    what dip can i get?
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    Not without seriously harming the coral. It really needs to sit in something like fluconazole for an extended period of time to break it down. Fluconazole breaks it down at the cellular level.