How Do I Get My New Betta To Calm Down?

Rose of Sharon

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Hey guys,

I have a new betta that I got from Pet Smart about 2 weeks ago. He seems to be a few months old (still a baby). He is in a heated, cycled 5 gallon tank. I have places for him to hide, and silk plants. I have low lighting so as not to stress him out. I am using Stress Guard to help him adjust. He is alone in the tank. He constantly moves and swims up and down the tank. I think he sees his reflection.

I took him out of the tank this weekend, and put him into a 2 gallon glass container that I used in the past with another betta before I got my aquariums (I did put in a heater for him, too). I use the 2 gallon as a hospital tank now that I have the aquariums. He still seemed to swim around like crazy, just not as much. He actually started behaving like a normal betta for a little while. I don't want to keep in him an unfiltered 2 gallon container that has to be changed and cleaned every 48 hours when I have this perfectly cycled 5 gallon just sitting there. I put him back into the 5 gallon this morning, and he reverted back to swimming around like a little maniac! :banghead:

I have my older betta in this exact same type of tank, and he has no issues. He loves it.

Does anyone have any suggestions about ways to calm him down until he adjusts? I thought he would have adjusted by now (after 2 weeks), but he hasn't. He's a cute little veil tail, and I want to make him happy and keep him healthy!

Thanks in advance!


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Does the 5 gallon have a background? I put a black one on my bettas tank and he flipped out glass surfing constantly till I removed it.

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