How do I get a goodeid to eat?


I got a pair of San Marcos from the LFS and the female will not eat. The male doesn't look like he eats but he is not getting skinny.
I thought the male's constant pestering was why they didn't seem to be eating so I moved him to a different tank. they wouldn't eat flake or frozen blood worms.
I tried live black worms.
Now I have moved her into a tank with a giant shoal of emperor tetras hoping that if she watches them eat she will want to eat.
No luck so far and she is just getting thinner. I'm getting close to sanding the point off a syringe and trying to force feed her.


Maybe she's not settled in the tank yet. That may explain why she's not eating at the moment. But you're saying that she's getting thinner. Maybe something internal going on in this case.
Mine are well eating specimens wether that be flake food or something else, they'll eat it...

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Good to know. I suppose I could isolate her and hit her with GC.

She has taken up picking at some moss so she may now be eating Emperor eggs.

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