How Do I Fishless Cycle Properly Help

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by loneminx, Apr 17, 2019 at 8:09 AM.

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    I understand the nitrogen cycle. And I get the gyst of what I'm supposed to do but...

    I am setting up my 10 gallon aquarium today (hopefully) and I am using turtle food rather than fish food as an ammonia source. I have filter, heater, light, and substrate at this time, no decor. My questions are:

    I test all of the water parameters before and after dosing Prime? And then just ammonia until it starts dropping??

    And how much turtle food do I need to add?? Like a pinch?

    And I just test once a day? Or...?

    I only slept four hours total last night and I will probably have more questions. Feel free to act like I know nothing because I basically do other than the scientific process and importance of the N cycle.


    PS. I could put like a rock in from my turtle tank but I don't know if that would provide bb or just provide dirty turtle germs that I don't want to introduce to future creatures in the 10 gallon.
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    If you can get it, I'd recommend using Dr. Tim's Ammonia as your ammonia source. It's measurable, so you are dosing a precise amount into the tank, to achieve a specific ammonia reading. With food, you have to 'guess' how much to add, and it dirties the tank as well. Just a preference, but if you have access to it, Dr. Tims would be my suggestion.
    Also, if you have an adjustable heater, setting it to about 82 is helpful to get the bacteria growing :)
    There are some step-by-step Fishless Cycle threads here on Fishlore somewhere... i'm sure someone will come along and post links :) Good luck and enjoy the process!
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  5. AlgonquinWell Known MemberMember

    I used those same instructions :)
  6. surajkNew MemberMember

    Interestingly, I used turtle food as my ammonia source, found it clouded up the water immediately and decomposed faster than fish food - probably because fish food is not supposed to cloud the water! I did go to an ammonia source ( ammonium carbonate powder) because it was really hard to judge the amount of ammonia being added + it did take a day or so to decompose and it looked really ugly sitting there on the gravel. Drove me nuts.

    I have no experience with turtle keeping, just happened to have turtle food to feed nearby pond turtles, but If you have a cycled tank, I'd just use media from that tank in your filter. If your turtles are healthy, I cant see how that would hurt fish, after all, they do live in the same ecosystems.

    A bacterial starter was helpful for me as was temperature at 26degC - fully cycled in 14 days. but cycled media always works best.

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