How do I feed Amano Shrimp?

  1. codyrex97 Well Known Member Member

    I have 3 of the little things (I believe they're all female) and I can't really feed them the same way I feed my fish. I tried using algae wafer and they didn't really go for it. Do I even need to feed them? So far they seem really content in my Java Fern, where they can really hide from anything else. Occasionally they'll come out. How do I tell if they're eating enough? And how do I feed them? I'm going to get cucumber soon so I can put a slice in there.
  2. varmint Member Member

    Amano's are great for feeding on algea. Now, if your tank happens to be too clean then you can give then a piece of zucchini, cucumber or wafers.
  3. codyrex97 Well Known Member Member

    My tank actually has an abundance of diatoms ATM and the shrimp never really go out of the Java Fern. They don't look as though they're searching hard for food so I'm assuming they're finding it easily. Should they change attitudes if they're lacking food?
  4. varmint Member Member

    I've always had a problem trying to figure out if my shrimps are starving or not. What I do is put in a piece of zucchini once a week also one algea wafer on a different day. In my case, so far so good.
  5. codyrex97 Well Known Member Member

    Sounds good, thanks!