How do i create waves with my duo!? Help

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    Hello everyone! I recently started a 30 gallon nano cube saltwater tank! I am LOVING it so far! I got about 4-5lbs of live rock a blue/green chromis and 2 black mollies. My 30 gallon nano cube came with 2 (nice looking) power heads which adjust to different angles, and the "Pulse Ocean Duo- wave maker" When I turn it on to 10 seconds it creates surface waves but no actual resistance in the water. (not creating swimming resistance) Is there a certain way i angle my power heads? I have them angled and turned toward eachother!


    P.S. sorry if im not making sense, tired and typing with a broken finger :eek:
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    i'm sorry i can't help you, i'm a freshwater keeper, and a newbie.... so i'm a big help.... until someone else comes with some advice, maybe trying different angles to see what works??? goodluck
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    ty for keeping my thread alive haha
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    If they're angled and turned towards eachother I'm gonna go ahead and assume there's one on each side. Start by setting one (either) directed in the opposite front corner of the tank, kinda like \ . Then tilt the power head up to where it's breaking the waters surface causing ripples. Be careful not to put it too far up or you'll gather salt on your lights cover lens. A good way to judge is aim it about an inch or so below the surface and watch the water motion it makes. Then aim it all the way up and watch the water. You want it right in the middle of those 2 areas to create good water agitation, so the surface is rippling. The other side do the same only aim the head in the opposite corner of the front of the tank, like / and put it a little lower from the water surface than the one on the opposite end so you get a good current throughout the tank.
    If they're side by side heads, do the same process with the opposite corner of the front of the tank, \ , both heads. Only the inner head tilt higher than the outer to create the water agitation and the outer aim lower for current. That's how I've got mine anyhow and it works well. Hope it makes sense!
    Good luck with your tank!:;rocker
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    More Advice Please :D

    P.S. Reef dude, I tried your way, it does create great surface agitation but im talking more underwater movement, like what creates turbulance against the fishes swimming and pushes corals etc.
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    How deep is your tank?
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    17 deep 19 wide, (28G nanocube)