How Do I Create A Custom Decoration?

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I want to build a decoration for my new tank, but I am not sure what materials are going to be safe to use and if this is even a project that's possible. The decoration I am hoping to build is a miniature dock to my tank that's partly above the water line, just like an actual dock is just above the water's edge. Would it be possible to do something like this, that's able to support the weight of a small turtle? If so, what materials could I use that'd be aquarium safe? Thanks in advance!
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Drift wood, untreated hardwoods
You can use aquarium safe silicone( buy the aquarium stuff or look for 100% silicon caulk that DOES NOT have anything that prevents mold. I use mostly GE 100% silicon from Home Depot, there’s other brands you can get in colors just look for 100% silicon with no mold inhibitors or anything

I’d get all your pieces cut and then soak them for atleast 2-3weeks changing the water every couple days to let anything that might be in the wood leach out.

If you wanted to paint it it gets a bit harder, the safest be going with an epoxy paint but that’s very expensive, you can also use some latex based paints... they make pond safe paints I’d go with if I was doing something like that.

You can also use concrete to make aquarium ornaments, it needs to soak for quite a while to leach out before fish safe.

If you’re just housing a turtle you can be a bit. Ore loose with materials as they tend to be more tolerant of chemicals in the water but... I would go for fish safe personally
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