How Do I Breed Ghost Shrimps?

  1. Rack Member Member

    I tried searching for previous threads but didn't find much information.
    What I learned from other forums is that ghost shrimps won't breed with predators. Does this mean they won't breed in a community tank with guppies and a honey Gourami even thought the fishes never seem to touch them or bully them? Also, having a planted tank, the larvae will need to eat a bacteria called "Infusoria" which happens to be plentiful on algae, now of course I do my best to get rid of algae so I'm not gonna allow more of it in my tank, won't the plants provide the Infusoria? Would mixing ghost shrimps and cherry pose a problem for them to breed? Will they interbreed?
  2. DHIWZ Member Member

    Ghost Shrimp and RCS don't interbreed as far as I know.

    Your Ghost Shrimp will breed as long as they don't feel stressed. That being said, your baby Ghost Shrimp are not going to make it in your tank unless you get a second tank (or bowl) for spawning purposes. You'll need to fill it with water from your aquarium, and set up a sponge filter (any other filter is no good since your babies will get sucked up). You could use Infusoria to feed, what I'd recommend is using something like spirulina powder or finely strained egg yolk instead.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.

  3. Kellye8498 Well Known Member Member

    Ghosts won't breed with cherry shrimp. They are two different species. It's almost impossible to breed them in anything besides a species only tank because they give birth to larvae that turn into shrimp and even the adults eat these larvae if they can catch them. Fish love them as a small meal and you're not likely to ever see a baby if you have them with other fish. I keep mine with a betta because I'm not looking to breed and the mama's with eggs just didn't have them one day but there was not a larvae to be found. Betta didn't seem interested in his pellets that day though so lunch must have been filling lol.
  4. Books&Fish Well Known Member Member

    Ghost shrimp require brackish water to breed. You'll get berried shrimp, but no larvae in freshwater.

  5. Rack Member Member

    Pouring egg yolk in the breeding tank with the baby shrimps in it right? Won't this spike the ammonia? Also how much should I put, let's say if I use a 2 gallon bowl ?
  6. DHIWZ Member Member

    What I'd recommend is after finely straining the egg yolk, mix it a bit with some tank water and treat it with a medicine dropper. Add just enough to notice a uniform bit of cloudiness. Don't just take a whole egg yolk and plop it in the bowl haha

    Of course your ammonia should go up a bit, but if you're using a sponge filter with cycled media in it you'll be fine.
  7. Rack Member Member

    Does this include mating in brackish water? Or I just place the pregnant shrimp in brackish water? How can I tell if the eggs are fertilized to begin with?

  8. Kellye8498 Well Known Member Member

    If she has eggs that are fertilized from my understanding. If you take a sensitive shrimp and move it from fresh water to brackish you are going to watch it die. They are very sensitive to water changes.

    I haven't ever needed brackish water for my ghost shrimp to have babies or for them to survive. I think the person who said that is thinking of a different kind of shrimp. Ghosts are freshwater shrimp.

    There are some brackish ghost shrimp but they ones you have are most likely the fresh water variety since brackish ones are harder to care for and most pet stores carry the ones for fresh water only.
  9. DHIWZ Member Member

    Amano shrimp are the ones that need brackish water. Ghost shrimp can reproduce in fresh.
  10. Books&Fish Well Known Member Member

    That's interesting. I've been told and researched myself that ghost shrimps (yes freshwater, I have some myself) will only produce surviving shrimplets in brackish water (which explains why although I've had my females berried many many times, but never had any larvae. I assumed they were eaten until I read they need brackish water). I didn't realize there were 2 different kinds of ghost shrimp.

  11. Kellye8498 Well Known Member Member

    It's hard to get them to reproduce because they eat their own young as well if they can catch them. Any source of calcium is fair game unfortunately. Most people need a green water tank full of moss and things to get them to breed successfully. I have had a couple babies make it but not as many as I would have liked lol