How Do I Breed Electric Blue Crayfish?

Discussion in 'Crayfish - Crawfish' started by BettaFishKeeper4302, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. BettaFishKeeper4302Well Known MemberMember

    I don’t know how many times I’ve said I wanted to breed a fish, but now I am really really wanting to breed electric blue crayfish. I’ve been saying I want a crayfish lately but I just haven’t gotten one yet. I think they’re really interesting and cool. Been seeing a lot of youtubers here breed them here lately. Can anyone give me advice and instructions?
  2. CanaculusWell Known MemberMember

    Step #1. Buy crayfish ;)
    Step #2. Put em in the same tank
    Step #3. Wait

    DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert so I don't know if that's OK or not.

    @Katie13 do you breed crayfish?

  3. Katie13Fishlore VIPMember

    My male and female got moved into the same 29g, but at this time, no, I don’t breed them.

  4. BettaFishKeeper4302Well Known MemberMember

    I mean, that’s quite obvious.

  5. Katie13Fishlore VIPMember

    First off, don’t breed anything you don’t have experience keeping.
  6. BettaFishKeeper4302Well Known MemberMember

    Keeping what? Fish? I’ve been keeping fish for two years now, the only thing I’ve bred guppies.
  7. BettaFishKeeper4302Well Known MemberMember

    I briefly know how the process goes, the crayfish have to be the same size, the male has to get on top of the female, they do there thing, take the male out, eggs start to form under the females tail. What do I do with the babies? Move them to another tank/breeder box?
  8. Katie13Fishlore VIPMember

    Basically, if you’ve never kept Crayfish then don’t breed them. Don’t breed any species you don’t have experience with.
  9. GuanchyWell Known MemberMember

    If you inform yourself well, read, ask questions, watch videos etc (which you are doing) i dont see why not breed them even if you havent kept them before. As long as you learn what to do, how to properly care for them and you have a plan for tons of babies, you should be good :)
  10. RtessyFishlore VIPMember

    Demeter means crayfish, since you're trying to breed those, not fish.
    For crayfish, it's very similar to shrimp, just more aggressive.
    They'll mate right after the female sheds and she will hold the eggs externally for around a month. Once you see little eyes in the eggs, you'll want to move the female to another tank with lots of plants (she will eat the plants. And the babies) and move her out once they hatch.
    It's essential to keep them for a while before breeding them so you get a hang of gH, kH, TDS and how they interact
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    Can two electric blue crayfish live together? Whether it’s a male and a female, male and male, female and female in a 20 long? One seems kind of boring.
  14. KoiBettasValued MemberMember

    I had a male and female red crayfish in a 20 gal and i wasnt trying to breed them but after a week or 2 the female had eggs and now i have lots of baby crayfish which are about 2-4cm right now. I did research on them as soon as i saw that the female was carrying eggs of course.
  15. RtessyFishlore VIPMember

    What kind of red crayfish? CPO/Dwarf orange Mexican?
    I know C. Diminutus and the Cajun one can live together, and CPO's, but those are all dwarf crays
  16. KoiBettasValued MemberMember

    I dont even know but they aren't dwarfs theyre just normal crayfish. I didn't buy them myself but here a photo of some of the babies IMG_20190322_064214.jpgIMG_20190322_155227.jpgIMG_20190321_203332.jpg
  17. KoiBettasValued MemberMember

    I checked quickly and apparently they're called Neon Red Crayfish
  18. RtessyFishlore VIPMember

    Interesting, the neon reds seem to be a color variant of the electric blue. How big are yours, and how long have you had them? They look too small to be that kind, and they do look like CPO's to me. Then again, I'm terrible at ID. They're super adorable though!! Thanks for showing us!
  19. KoiBettasValued MemberMember

    The adult were about 10 cm for the male and the female around 7 or 8cm. I sold them last week but the ones in the photos above are just babies. They are about 2 to 3 cm