How do I add a calcium supplement to a freshwater tank?

Discussion in 'Snails' started by Lake_mermaid, Dec 10, 2012.

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    My snails in my 65-gallon coldwater, freshwater tank have white-encrusted shells due to insufficient calcium. The only calcium supplement I've seen for aquariums is a product by Kent, and it's for saltwater tanks. I'm very hesitant to use a saltwater aquarium product in a freshwater tank. For one, I don't want my pH drastically raising. It's already 7.8.

    Is there any calcium supplement I can add to my freshwater tank that will restore the shells of these snails? Their present condition will eventually kill them.

    These snails won't eat veggies I put into the tank, but they do feed on green pindot algae and on the brown stuff that accumulates on the glass. They also eat the brown stuff off the leaves of both my live and fake plants. They seem to be getting plenty to eat from what already forms in the tank, but apparently it doesn't provide enough calcium to maintain healthy shells.

    What can I do, here?

    -- Lake_mermaid
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    Have you looked into cuttlebone? I'm not 100 percent sure, but I think it adds calcium. And you can get it at any pet store in the bird section.
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    Thanks! I'll look into that. Cuttlebone comes from the cuttlefish, which is an aquatic creature. Maybe the snails will attach themselves to that and feed off of organisms that are on it, or on algae that may grow on it eventually, and get calcium in the process.

    How will adding cuttlebone affect the pH?
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    I do believe it will raise the ph over a period of time. How much, I'm not sure. But your research should uncover that.