How do Black Neon Tetras behave towards each other in their schools?

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I'm kind've interested in these guys. As I understand it they are peaceful schooling fish, but I am curious to know more about details about their schooling behavior.

For example, are they tight, extremely peaceful schoolers that don't really differentiate individuals in the school, like EspeI rasboras or Gold Tetras?
Do they have a pecking order within the school, like Cherry Barbs or Black Skirts?
Do individuals within the school display to each other but not really fight, like Dwarf Neon Rainbows?
Or are they peaceful schoolers that do lots of harmless play, like Corydoras Catfish do?
Do they school really tightly, like Rummynose Tetras or Harlequin Rasboras, or are they loose schoolers?
Do they every chase each other every now and then, like Harlequin Rasboras do?

Also, do they mostly just sit in one place as they school, or are they constantly swimming around?
Are males kind've hard on the females?

How would they respond to boisterous, active tank mates?
Do they ever fin nip?
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Mine are very peaceful. Never fin nip never aggressive to any other fish. When I feed them and a small piece of food like a work of large flake gets to their level they will bite it carry it an inch and then drop it and instantly another one will do the same. Overall a very nice fish and doo well in my community tank they never stay in one place and kind of slowly drift around the tank. As for sex I really don't see and mating like aggression like I see my male swordtail
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I have a school of 8 in my Tetra tank and they are no where anything like the regular Neons. They don’t school up as much and seem to single out more. I have never noticed any fin nipping and they are not as aggressive during feeding as the other Tetras are. Mine seem to hang more in the lower area of the tank with just occasional ventures into the upper area of the tank. They do seem to play a bit of tag now and then but nothing like Glofish do. I have not notice them setting up any particular pecking order like the much larger school of regular Neons do.
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Mine stay in the upper half and school well, though there is usually one or two that are off on their own. They like to swim in the current. I never see them interact with any other fish.
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I kept 13 in a 90G tank. As schooling is a defensive mechanism, I also have a pair of angels. The Black Neons are always schooling in the upper half of the tank.

Now that I have kept them for 3 years, maybe longer, they have dwindled down to a school of 6. And still no nipping.

Great fish when kept in larger schools in my opinion.

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I had 10-12 in my 90 and they dwindled to 4 or 5 and I had no nipping either. Now they are back up to 10. Before they were in the 90, I kept them in several smaller tanks down to a 20 high, and their behavior was consistent. Often times the tank size can influence people's experience with a species, so that's always something to consider when you get advice.
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I had 7 in my 29 with a betta at one point. Went well, they really just don't bother other fish, they didnt school too well though. I liked them enough but they got a tad boring and then I ended up converting the tank in to a larger community.
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I agree, they are not very exciting. They are good filler fish and provide good contrast though.

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