How did You setup your tank?!

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With all my continuous reading on the evergrowing topics of "Fish" (we'll keep it simple with 1 layman term), I went from having a very simplistic approach for this hobby to an intense complex approach that I don't think anyone will, or can, ever master.

We'll keep it simple here though. I/We would just like to know where and how you setup your tank(s)? Sounds simple right? This could be anything from an easy small setup in your living room to a complex multi-story extravaganza like the aquariums on "Tanked". People usually do bedrooms or living rooms, sometimes kitchens or bathrooms, maybe even Just a fish room (I'd be jealous). Do you just stick with stands, or cinder blocks, or did you put the tank in your wall? I know you guys have some different setups. Hopefully this topic will get some creative juices flowing too! New ideas are always welcome.
There is a LFS next to me that does custom install for toilet tanks. I'm not kidding, they make a glass tank that fits into the back of your toilet! Sadly I don't have a picture. I would like to encourage pictures as well.

I personally only have a simple 29G setup in my living room next to my tv.

This was my 1st basic/experimental setup. It has changed since and more pics will come. I already have 11 "realistic" tank ideas that I'd love to a perfect world. I don't see this happening so I have to rely on you guys. So show us what you did!

I couldn't find a thread like this after I searched, but if there already is one for this I apologize. But if not, let's keep this rolling!
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I've got my 2 tanks on separate stands crammed into my bachelor apartment lol
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I got all 4 of my tanks in the living room. LOL
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I have one tank in the front room/sitting room on a tv stand, one tank in my bedroom on my desk, and one tank in my bedroom on my dresser. I will edit this with pictures. Great thread idea! I would love a tank in my wall someday.

ETA: Pictures!

My 10 gallon, in the sitting room. I need a hood for it badly, especially because you see it as you first walk in the front door, and it's just ugly without a hood.

My 20 gallon, on my dresser in my room.

My 3.5 gallon on my desk.
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I'm not sure why but all my tanks ended up in the same room, I tend to spend more and more of my time in here researching them and watching them lol.

Have 2 10s and a 42 pentagon corner tank and a small 5 gallon. It's hard when you want every fish the store has...
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just type in "unique fish tanks" or "unique home fish tanks" into google and search the "s" As cool as some of the ideas are, I feel bad for the fish in some. And they show the toilet bowl tank.
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Ive been pimpin' this photo recently.


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Good morning,

It was a Wonderful day! It's hard to believe it has been 2 years since I set up my 265g tank.


Had it not been for Fish Lore and its members, I seriously doubt I would have this tank and probably would not have added my fish room. Enablers! (and I'm glad and thanks again!)

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Wow, that's a big tank! I wouldn't know what to do with something that big. Is the maintenance a pain or not really? Nice fish by the way. Whenever I start doing the cichlid thing, BPs are on the list.
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I got my 29 gallon and 38g in a corner, one on each side. The 29 gallon is on a table my dad built me to hold a massive 29" crt tv from the 80's. And the 38g is on a proper wooden stand.
And I got a 10 gallon on a metal stand whch can hold two 10gs, top and bottom, in my office.

I have room enough for a 75 gallon to be put next to the 38g or we could get rid of a pool table and I could fit any size tank I wanted in its place.
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I have most of my 25 tanks in my fish room...aka the laundry room. I will have a couple community tanks in there, but for the most part, they will be my breeding fishies. We also have a 145 gallon in another room in the basement (going to be a fancy goldfish tank), a 90 upstairs (this is the hubby's tank...I think he wants Blue Haps in it), and my 58 gallon planted community tank upstairs as well.
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Thanks for the comments mjbxc.

I do the same maintenance I do on the rest of my tanks, every 5 days. When it's a fun hobby, it's not a pain

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good point. I actually do like "maintainence" on my tank cause I get to do whatever I want with the tank and my fish seem happier for it. Maybe it's cause they know they're getting a treat that night.

Dart, how do you have 25 tanks and all those pets?! WOW
Anyone have more tanks than that???

Virt, I like the planted tank. It looks like something is hanging off your back wall, what is that? Also, where did you get your bulbs/fixture?
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Thanks, I don't know what you mean by hanging off the back wall, the tank has some fake foam rock background on it, there is a canister inlet in the corner and a PH electrode in the corner also for the Co2 controller.
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it just looked like a bushy circular plant in the middle of the back wall
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Ohh! That is a cluster of java fern I am trying to get to attach to the back wall
I think its called Crested Java Fern, it has 'serrated' edges on the tips of the leaves.
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ah, let me know how that works. that could be nice. and take a picture if it does

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