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Well Dee is my name and I went with dippy because it sounded better than 'dumbdee' and I changed the y to ie for no reason at all.

Started off as my gamertag now it's my username for literally everything and it's never taken


I am an intorvert, I'm either not talking at all for hours or I'm rambling (or I don't want to be talking most likely, I'm not even exaggerating), so some people are surprised when they hear me (I'm usually just ignored in true INFP fashion) and then they just look at me like they're thinking "Wow so many wasted words." And so I think " CARP ignoring me was way better just never speak to me or look at me again. " That is what I think after nearly every time I talk to anyone in any form. Gah just nevermind ignore me because obviously I'm annoying and you didn't understand my weird ramble about this obscure subject anyway.
Summary: I don't really do small talk well. And thanks for bearing with me if you've had to endure one of my rambles.


I almost went with my online gamer name, used it since '99 in UO, but decided to go a different route. Thought about using my MOS or something like that, but decided otherwise. Almost went with the name of one of my animals, but thought that would be hard to look at if something happened to said animal.

So I decided to start from scratch. I tried like 3 usernames that were all taken. Don't remember what they were. Then, I thought about how so many people call their other kinds of pets their furbaby....this is a fish aquababy seemed fitting.


name starts with P and I live in a place that's always frozen. not very creative I guess


My name, just with two extra O's


My is just (Insert fish's name)The(Insert fish's species). EX: AcornTheBetta


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Mine’s the result of a typo, it was supposed to be Corydee (coryd as in corydoras ) trying to be clever never works for me, I should stick with simple


mimo91088 said:
See title. Mine is my old AOL screen name and I used it when I was just a lurker with no plans of sticking around. Now that I've been here awhile I want to change to something better but I have no idea what! How did you guys pick your usernames?

I want to hear from everyone but coralbandit I'm tagging you specifically only since it was asked in that podcast, and it made me curious too lol.
I chose coralbandit as I had marine tanks and few things were not stolen from the ocean when I started .
That and it was wordplay with coralbanded [shrimp ]..
Today I am coralbandit everywhere I go !
Thanks for linking me to the pod cast I have yet to listen to it all but I listened to about 15 minutes of Koles comments on my rams and breeding strategy ..
I am bandit ! Check out a couple of my plates .



Coradee said:
Mine’s the result of a typo, it was supposed to be Corydee (coryd as in corydoras ) trying to be clever never works for me, I should stick with simple
That reminds me of most of the engineers I work with. They much prefer complicated to simple.


Self explanatory. Lol

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