How clean should I clean the charcoal?


I am cleaning the charcoal that comes with my new hanging filter and I keep getting black staff coming out from the small bag of charcoal.
Well, I rub the cloth bag genteelly and no end of black staff is coming out. Have I done it wrong?



All you should have to do is rinse the bag and then use it. I think if you keep rubbing it, it just disintegrates the carbon more.


hI sam, a lot of people here don't use the carbon(charcoal). you may also find that you can get away with it, I am led to believe that the charcoal helps clean out the medications from your tank when your fish are sick.I myself have a cannister filter and have removed the black bag until I need it.

other people will have more info on this subject as mine is very limited
regards dazzler


charcoal is used to absorb chemical impurities in the water, which is why it is suggested that you use it in your aquarium, because unless you are using spring water, you can be pretty darn certain that's there's more than just chlorine in your tap water that a water conditioner can't rid of

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