How can i transform my tank to cichild tank?

  1. Charbel Bernaba Initiate Member

    I have this 80 gallon community tank with some live plants but i want to change it and tranform it to cichild tank the problem is i can't control the temperature of my aquarium and everday and i have a new fish die from temperature....and i heard cichild can handle a warm water so i wont be having any problems with them i have right now 2 big driftwood and sand and some normal decoration what should i start with like what i get away with?

    that's the tank...

  2. Adam55 Well Known Member Member

    It's technically true that they like their water a little warmer, but what is happening to the temp in your tank? What is it at now? Does it fluctuate or something?

    Cichlids also like a lot of caves in their tanks, but the sand is a good start for them. They prefer sand.
  3. Charbel Bernaba Initiate Member

    it's 30c and i can't get it down and i already lost 4 fish from this temperature and i cannot afford a chiller so the cichild it's the best for me i think. in the summer it's always 30c so how can i transform it? im using this brown sand as if u can see in the picture
  4. Adam55 Well Known Member Member

    86 should be OK, but it might be an issue if it gets much warmer. What are the rest of your parameters, like the hardness and pH and so on?
  5. Charbel Bernaba Initiate Member

    my ph now is 7.5 i didn't test hardness yet i will test it soon
  6. Charbel Bernaba Initiate Member

    But what should i do next? like what decor should i get i love my driftwood should i keep it?
  7. Charbel Bernaba Initiate Member

  8. Adam55 Well Known Member Member

    If you're looking for cichlid tanks, rocks and caves are key. So is a sand substrate, and plants that can't be easily uprooted. Also, a water pump for a nice current in the tank.
  9. Charbel Bernaba Initiate Member

    the sand i have right now is a brown sand i don't if it's good or not ?