How can I transfer frys??!! Question

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    Hello, I was wondering how can I move/transport fishes from one place to another. Do I need special bags (petstore) or can I just place them in a bucket with a battery air pump? What is the recommendation. I been one of the lucky that without asking for it, my livebearers just reproduce and always there some that survive, the think is that my tank is starting to be to little for them. I have a 29g and start with 2 females molly 1 male - 2 females mickey mouse platies 1 male I add 1 female and 1 male sunburst platies and now my tank had all of them + 7 young adults mollies and what it look like an invasion of platies frys(+10) that seems like they are going to make it cause they are big enough. My Sister told me she can prepared a tank at her house and take some, but we don't know how to transfer them, she lives 30 - 45 minutes away. Any suggestion is appreciate! Thanks!
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    I would just put them in a a bucket and move them at way.
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    People often suggest coolers. That way it can help keep the temperature a little more constant. They sell cheap styrofoam ones.
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    Fry Transport

    I would use a cooler, especially for that long of a trip. If you are just transporting fry it will not need to be that big. I would siphon them into a large bucket. I tried to siphon mine into a smaller container and could not get them all in one go. From the larger bucket i would scoop them with a cup into your cooler. They are not strong swimmers so its easy to grab them with a cup once they near the surface.