How Can I Regenerate The Fins Of Injured Juvenile Flowerhorn? Important

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    So, I went to a LFS and it had a tank full of large cichlids. Then I noticed something wrong. I saw some oscars were attacking a 3inch flowerhorn and tearing its fins. I felt pity on the fish so I bought it and put it in a 35gal tank. Now how can I regenerate his fins, is there any method or medication? Or will it heal on its own? Please answer me...
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    Hi, welcome to Fishlore and nice that you saved this poor flowerhorn.

    Do you have a test kit?
    Make sure to keep tank params and conditions prestine with lots of fresh water and a clean filter and substrate. Feed him nutritious foods (best brands are NLS, NorthFin and Omega One), but do not overfeed to not foul water.

    If you have any Stress Coat and/or Capatta leaves, they can help protect against infection/rot and help heal.

    Good luck with your fish :)
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    1. clean the wounds and fins with hydrogen peroxide. keep 3-4 min, then wash fins and wounds
    2. then transfer the fish to fresh water , i mean give it good quality water, and enough space
    3. use stress coat and general aid (i personally use rid all general aid) ,every time.
    4. good quality food, feed him at least 2 times , but feed him the food which is rich in protein and fat just once.

    here is my one month old pet flowerhorn, he is so small and soo cute....
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  4. Coptapia

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    Just keep the water good and the fish stress-free and they’ll heal themselves. You shouldn’t need to add anything.
  5. OP

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    Now I have just a simple question,
    I have a fish tank planted with some species of 'cocomba plant' it is somewhat like coontail. I have just spread out STERILE mud without any gravel or sand. I have been facing some issues but it looks more natural now.

    Now I have a query that can a fish live in this tank?
    I have cycled it from a month and maybe I should buy five guppies or maybe a betta fish.

    I just want to ask, which option is better? And will it be ok to keep them in this tank?